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Reliable Lawn Maintenance in Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs

Maintaining your lawn and landscaping is an important part of homeownership. As a property owner, time and efforts is essential for your grass and flowers to remain healthy. Hook’s Landscaping provides weekly lawn maintenance to homeowners in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. We have years of experience in understanding how to keep grass healthy and your landscaping looking great. We offer personalized services for customers who simply do not have time to take care of these essential tasks. Let us help you.

Lawn Care Programs

Season-long lawn care

Gold Program
  • Spring clean-up
  • 27 Lawn care visits
  • 1x Shrub trimming
  • 1x Fall clean-up

Pricing Varies by Project

Silver Program
  • 1x Spring clean-up
  • 27 Lawn care visits
  • 1x Fall clean-up

Pricing Varies by Project

Basic Lawn Care Service Only
  • 45 dollars minimum

Services Include:

Lawn Care Service: Hooks to Mow turf areas 3.5-4”. Hooks will weed whip edges at border height. Line edge all concrete edges along walkways. Blow off all hard surfaces and will leave your property with a professional appearance.

Fall Clean-Ups: Will start the Second week of November. (Includes clean-up of plant beds of debris, Cut back plants. (Roses, grasses, perennials, etc.)

Spring Clean-Ups: Will start the First Full week of April. (Includes clean-up of plant beds of debris, cut back plants left unattended from previous year. (Roses, grasses, perennials, etc.)

Shrub Trimming: Service routes will start the first week of June and are usually completed by first week of September.

We Have Lawn Care Programs to Address All Your Needs

We can’t wait to start working with you. Our team is passionate about keeping your lawn looking its best. We are a locally-owned and-operated company and understand the needs of our various clientele. Trust us to take all your lawncare needs off your hands. We look forward to working with you.

Get in Touch Today for More Information